You are safe with us!

Winning our customers' satisfaction and trust through manufacturing products while

ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality is our ultimate goal.

To achieve this goal we have implemented, among other things, QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. IFS 6 and ISO 22000 certifications ensure that our products are manufactured in compliance with the food safety requirements and highest technical standards are met. They also guarantee the best product quality. Furthermore these certificates are a condition for the cooperation with the most demanding customers at home and abroad. Our priorities described below in the QUALITY POLICY have been adopted by the board and are known to all our employees.

In order to achieve our goals we set the following tasks:

Very careful selection of suppliers - we inspect potential and current suppliers through internal audit and verification of implemented systems and procedures affecting the safety and quality of raw materials supplied to us.

Quality control of incoming goods - raw materials are subject to extremely rigorous assessments: microbiological (quick tests), organoleptic as well as physical and chemical tests.

Temperature regime - constant temperature monitoring in warehouse and food manufacturing areas.

Hygienic regime - constantly monitored and verified via frequent surface swabs.

Swift production time - from delivery of raw material to arrival of finished product.

Uncompromising enforcement of parameters set by Critical Control Points.

Instant freezing of our products using only liquid nitrogen freezing method.

Continuous improvements of production line and supervision of infrastructure.

Constant review of adopted standards and procedures existing in our factory related to the safety and quality of manufactured products, taking into account changes in processes and technology.

Highly qualified management team and personnel - experienced and carefully selected staff members who regularly participate in quality improvement training.

Continuous development - strenuously growing product development department.

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