About us

FVZ Deli – Meat Polska Mission

Every day happily take on new challenges so we don’t need to worry about future.

We want to make the present life a value in itself and not just a promise of a better future.

FVZ Deli – Meat Polska Vision


We are determined to make FVZ Deli – Meat Polska a leading choice and most trusted food manufacturer. We aim to ensure that our customers, suppliers and staff were satisfied with every form of contact with our company, and our products create only positive emotions. We are proud of our products and it is with their help we want to build a good image of gastronomy.


FVZ Deli – Meat Polska Essential Values


Openness - we talk openly about problems, we are responsible.

Aim - we don’t forget about people around us while pursuing our goals

Ethics - helps us to distinguish right from wrong

Learning - so that we can understand more

Assertiveness - we say „no” to projects that don’t share our values

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FVZ Deli Meat Poland manufactures frozen meat products. Through our commitment, high quality and originality of our products we support your success.